I’m back from my holiday, fitter but I think fatter. Holidays do that though, right? I am very inspired, stay tuned. This might be a 2 blog night. A blog double. Siamese blogs. Post-a-palooza. Ahem, pardon me, I blame the jetlag. Anyway, one post about the holiday and life in general, another about moving forward from here.

So. Lovechild and I jumped on a plane to Otherstate a couple of weeks ago. We have some friends over there and its been too long since I’ve seen them, and with me going to full-time work next year and Lucy off to fulltime school, it’ll be our last chance to go away for a while. So, off we went. We spent 2 nights in a town with my gorgeous, lovely, fantastic friend Juliet. (names have been changed to protect the innocent (snort) She happens to be a blog reader, but I promise I’d say those nice things anyway). That was a long, bitty sentence. Juliet is kind of my soul sister, she thinks the same way I do, except when she doesn’t, but that’s just as awesome. I had the honour of going to her beautiful wedding in 2009 (yes?) and have craved time with her since then. She took Lovechild and I in as extra members of her family, made us feel right at home, and then cried when we left. Jules, (hehe) your family is wonderful, your kids are perfect, your husband is insanely likable. You are a wonderful Mum, Wifey, Woman and Friend. Gushfest 2011 over. You may all replace your vomit bags into the seat pocket in front of you. Anyway, J is undertaking a healthy living/weight loss challenge – and rocking the pants off it. She barely skipped a beat when we moved in, and has left me good and inspired. Even as I ate my way through Othercity CBD, the motivation hung in there, and I’ve hit the ground running now that I’m home, meal planning and packing the fridge and pantry full of lovely fresh, healthy foods and minimising the processed stuff. See more next post.

In what was to become a running theme in our time in Otherstate, the other dear family I was to see in the same town all came down with gastro. It must have been an internet virus because two other families that were supposed to come in and see us in Othercity came down with it too. (I’ve waited a while to make that joke. It seemed too lame to say to anyone in person. I suspect there’s a reason for that.) One of the lovely women made it out, and after a rocky start, the kids got on like a house on fire. They even coped when I dragged them in and out of shops. For a good hour. The ballet barbie that Lovechild was given is now named Annabel in the giver’s lovely honour, and it has pride of place in her backpack.

We had 6 nights in Othercity, and spent them all in a lovely hotel in one corner of the CBD. We headed out at 9ish each morning and made it back about the same time each night, and spent our days exploring, shopping, walking and indulging. I am so blessed to have a daughter who is polite, resilient and pleasant to be around. I’d be lying if I said that we weren’t utterly sick of each other after a few days, but we did pretty well. She honestly made the trip fun and was an awesome little travel buddy. Even if she did insist on chatting to me loudly at every toilet stop. “Muuuuuuum, have you finished yet? I’m just wiping. I only did a wee. Did you do a wee or a poo? I bet you did a poo. It stinks in here. Did someone do a poo? Mum? Mum? Mummy?” I’m not even exaggerating.

Last time I flew, just over 2 years ago. I was 50kg heavier. I needed the extension seatbelt on the plane. I will never forget the thinly veiled look of horror on the woman’s face in the seat next to me as she realised I (and Lucy) would be sitting beside her on the plane. I wanted to curl up in a (much smaller) ball and have the ground swallow me whole. This time, although there was some rearranging so that Lucy sat between me and the person on the seat next to us, we were fine. The seatbelt did up just fine, and what’s more, I knew it would. I didn’t spend the week leading up to it imagining the shame of having to ask for an extension belt. This is pretty deep in the mind of a fat person stuff, but it’s there. All the time. In Othercity we had a pram last time we went, and Othercity is not set up for prams in public transport. There was lots of walking, and lots of puffing. To my credit, it was in the mid 40s when I was last there, so I can be forgiven for a bit of puffing. But this time, we walked about 6km a day. Not all in one go, but it was easy. The hardest part was convincing Lucy to keep up. I made a point of doing things that I wouldn’t have done 2 years ago. We went on scary lookouts that I was too scared to try last time. Walked to the far away corners that the public transport didn’t reach. Jumped in puddles. Crawled through tunnels. It sounds corny, but one of the reasons why I did the surgery in the first place is so that I could be the best parent to The Kid. And this holiday, I was. Success. Someone give that woman a blog so she can tell the world about how awesome WLS is.

So now, we are home. Catching up with washing, sleep, family, sleep, the dog and sleep. 10 year high school reunion tomorrow. Family stuff the next day. Back to work next weekend. Life in general, but with a lifestyle twist. Stay tuned… LJ xx


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Selina
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 16:29:43

    I can’t wait to hear about your changes! Glad you made it. Love you. xx


  2. AJ
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 20:20:24

    I am so proud of this gorgeous girl……inspirational! xxx


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