A friend having some issues relating to health care and BMI got me thinking. I had a head in the sand mentality for a long time and wouldn’t dream of looking up things like my own BMI. Don’t know why, it’s not as though knowing it makes it all more real. Anyway, I’ve looked it up now.

June 28th 2010, my BMI was 49.9. How did I NOT die or pop? At last weigh in a couple of weeks ago it was 37.2. I’m pretty impressed with that drop. However yesterday I was reading another gastric sleeve blog and I noticed that her starting BMI was 37. Kind of disheartening, but there’s no denying I am a gazillion times healthier and happier than I was then.

In other news, all is well with Boyfriend. Still working on rebuilding the trust but I really feel like we’re winning. We bought a bed yesterday, an expensive one (“it’s like a ring, but with pillows,” says Boyfriend.) and he’s joined my gym. He’s also great with Lucy Lovechild. She donked her head on the table yesterday and Boyf got all concerned and parental. I’m enjoying watching him grow into the role model role.

Ugh, no blog mojo today, my head is cloudy. Off to the gym but before I go, can we all please keep Bec n Muz from crazy lady ramblings in our thoughts? They are having a pretty rough patch at the moment.

Love, LJxx


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  1. Rebecca
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 21:37:38

    Thanks honey, has been a very rough time, but fingers crossed we are going to get through all of this.
    Yay for the new bed (and the BMI drop!)


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