Calling a spade a spade here. I’m a hoarder. When I watch those American TV shows about hoarders, I see them keeping things ‘just in case’ and I think how ridiculous it is to hold on to phone bills from ten years ago. Yet my house used to look like the houses in those shows, and some rooms still do. Did. Did till this weekend. Anyway. This last week, Boyfriend and I have gone a little nuts on the decluttering, and getting the house nice. Enter stage left the spare room. I have had long term plans to go hard on the spare room and turn it into a toy room for Lovechild. Me and plans – not always compatible. But in a fit of motivation I got to it a couple of days ago, and with lots of help from Boyfriend and awesome Sister, everything is out of there. I’m talking knee deep in junk and clothes, completely cleared out. Granted, my laundry is now thigh deep in clothes, but I culled SO MANY CLOTHES, and put them into bags for the op shop. It was then that I realised exactly how much trouble I have discarding things. I obviously don’t need anything in there, given that I haven’t used any of it for a year or so, but I haven’t got an issue with the problem that I wanted to sort through the stuff before chucking it. What I do have an issue with is how difficult it was to actually put it in the charity bin. Really, really hard. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking “what if I need that? What if Lovechild misses that toy?” I ended up only rescuing one book and a hose nozzle out of a whole boot full of stuff, but I just felt I needed to blog out how it felt. Proud, because I did it, but concerned that it was so tricky.


Weight loss blog to come. LJ xx


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  1. Jayne
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 12:24:57

    I’m a hoarder too. I find it almost impossible to throw out anything, particularly if it’s to do with my kids. I have no problems with papers or old bills, or legal documents lol..(you know, things you might need) but faced with the need to throw out a size 000 jumpsuit and I’m a sooky mess. My youngest child is 6, and am not having any more, so there is NO rational reason.

    I have however discovered I find it easier to part with stuff if i photograph it first. Feels like I still hold the memory of it then. Weird I know, but hey, whatever works!


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