Happy happy

A really, really good day.

This morning, I was offered a position I’ve been hankering for – a full time position on the maternity ward at the hospital I currently work at. I needed the spot in order for the uni to accept my application to study Midwifery in 2012. So, starting Feb 2012, LJ is going to be a busy busy girl. I thought I’d aced the interview but it had been over a week and I hadn’t heard, so I rang her. I’m in!

Also, I am in need of a pair of new jeans. My 18s were getting baggy, even when I stuck them in the dryer for 20 mins to shrink them. I figured they were just a generous pair of 18s, so  went to my trusty old favourite shop and grabbed some 18s and 20s to try on – TOO BIG! 16s fit just right. 16?! A year ago I was buying 26 there, and even then I suspect it was only because its the biggest size available in most stores. 16. I can’t stop saying it. Of course, I’m a weird shape, what with the baggy skin, wobbly loose thighs, and as Boyfriend lovingly put it “sand-in-sock boobs” (Lovechild followed that up with a “Mummy, they fall to the sides”). But when I dress it right, it looks fine, and I feel a billion times healthier.

Last night at dinner I was mucking around with my Sister’s engagement ring (its shiny, and pretty, and sparkly, and fits me perfectly) and tormenting Boyfriend, watching him squirm in front of my family. But this morning, I woke up to a sleepy “I love you so much, and I can’t wait to marry you one day.” Nawww. Say it with me. Nawwwwww.

Other good things about today:

  • A shopping trip with a lovely friend
  • Monday night squash night
  • A well behaved 4 year old (its been a trying week!)
  • A week of 9 – 5 instead of 7.30 – 3.30 for Boyfriend, meaning the pressure is off in the mornings
  • Lovechild is spending the night at her Dad’s, and I’m not at work, and we don’t have to be up early for Boyfriend to get to work by 7.30, so after squash we are going to curl up on the couch and watch ‘The Mighty Boosh.’ Not my cup of tea, but apparently its funny?

See, I can blog when things are going swimmingly. I was beginning to worry that I needed to be angsty to blog.

Sending you all some of my chirpiness. Love, LJ xx


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