I’m back (again)

Its been a while. I missed you! I’m just going to jump right in though, as though I never left.

Life is going swimmingly. Boyfriend is now a major and hopefully quite permanent fixture in the lives of LJ and Lovechild. He’s here most nights, in the mornings I get up horrendously early to make their breakfast and lunch, get uniforms/clothes ready etc. He leaves for work with Lucy standing on the top of the driveway hurling loving insults at him in the freezing early morning air –

“Seeya wanna be ya!”

“I’m mad you’re not!”

“Bye Pumpkin head!”

He hurls them back at her, looks up to make eye contact with me, and those eyes say “bye baby, have a great day, thanks for my brekkie and lunch, see you tonight, I love you.” Expressive eyes on that one. We go about our day, be it kindy, shopping, housework, catching up with friends or plain old SFA. By 3.45, there’s a clean kid, dinner on its way or at least planned out, a load of washing on the go, and a shiver of excitement up my spine as I anticipate Boyfriend’s immenent return home, all sweaty and greasy and at the same time degreasy, because he works with both grease and degreaser. Even his name written on his work shorts, a thick black BOYFRIEND stitched above the right pocket, gives me butterflies. I am aware how housewifely this all makes me sound, but you know what? I enjoy keeping a nice house for my family. I’ve always been the type to love others with food – I make the world’s greatest 2am Milo to send my patients to sleep when I can’t do anything about their pain. I have a career, friends, aspirations and all that too, so I’m convinced that choosing to be a housewife is ok.

2012 will be the year LJ learns to be a midwife. Yay, right!? In preparation for that, I’m saving money, and organising the house. Today, I stood up, walked into the bedroom, and cleaned out a ‘tall boy’ chest of drawers that has taken up a corner of my bedroom for literally 4.5 years, full of junk. I now have a bag full of jewellery I will NEVER wear – have NEVER worn, to take to the op shop. Now the drawers smell all spray and wipey, and I am about to fill them up with lovely clean undies and socks, and tshirts and pajamas. My aim is to work my way around the entire house, decluttering and cleaning, until its all managable. I am feeling particularly ruthless about culling things at the moment, and that doesn’t happen often for me!

What else? Diet and exercise has gone by the wayside, although I am being more generally active, and doing lots of incidental exercise. But next week, I will aim to hit the gym at least 3 times, and do some other exercise each day. Find 30? Pfft, I’ll find 60.

And in way TMI news, I have another non-scale victory. I woke up this morning with my period. Never before have I not known, for days in advance, that it was coming. 40kg ago, I’d be lying in bed right now feeling good and sorry for myself, with serious cramping and majorly heavy flow. Also, I didn’t go psychotic in the lead up to it. Sure, I may have been ever so slightly cranky the night before last (or, Boyfriend might TOTALLY have deserved it) but nothing, NOTHING like the severe PMS I normally get.

Signing off for now πŸ™‚ LJ xx


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca
    May 14, 2011 @ 13:00:11

    Very excited that things are going so well πŸ™‚


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