Everything is ok.

I’m currently having a mid life crisis. Quarter life? I’m kind of spiralling out of control, and it varies from a slow, enjoyable ride like hangliding, to a fast, out of control bungee jump. Sometimes I’m enjoying the ride, other times I get overwhelmed and anxious. This is entirely new for me, my whole life I’ve been the type of person who strives to live a ‘good’ life, and do the right thing.


But as a very special friend recently discussed with me, what IS a ‘good’ life? Who defines that? So I’ve been doing some soul searching, and you know what? She’s right? Who says I have to be perfect, or even AIM for perfection? What’s wrong with me having a cigarette or two in the evening? I know its bad for me, I won’t do it for a long time, but crikey I enjoy it, so why on earth not? What’s wrong with casual (safe) sex? What’s wrong with getting back together with Boyfriend for a 19th time? Maybe it WILL be different this time?


As long as Lovechild is safe, cared for, and has love and stability, and I’m looking after myself, everything I’m doing is ok. There might get a point when its not ok, but that’s not today. What I’m doing? The huge change in my behaviour? My quarter life crisis? It’s fine. It’s ok. Everything is ok. LJ xx


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  1. Bec
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 21:06:39

    OK I’ll be the unpopular one. I guess I have always wanted to be the good girl and trying to be something other than that has never really crossed my mind, so I can’t say that I ‘get’ your mindset. In saying that I love ya guts and want you to be happy, so do what you feel you need to do.


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