Holy Crap!

I am pregnant with septuplets. Is that the right word? 6 babies?


Shall I backtrack a little? I am a baby name nerd. I’m not ashamed of it. Its my thing – I have impeccable taste in names and the world deserves to have that shared with them. I’m only a tiny bit ashamed to admit that I judge people who name their children bad names. My pet hate? Unique Uneek spelling. There is just no need. I die a little bit inside when I meet people who have children named Jaykeb, or Destanee. Does that make me a bad person? Meh, its my blog and I’ll be judgemental if I want to.


So back to the pregnancy. Obviously, its a hypothetical one. But if I had to name 3 boy babies and 3 girl babies today, this is what I’d come up with. Bear in mind this changes on a VERY regular basis, but also bear in mind that the names I choose are always perfect.

  • Penelope June
  • Juliet Elisabeth
  • Hope Louisa
  • Nicholas (Nicky) Roy
  • George Geoffrey
  • James (Jamie) Archer

I will come and change this list as I find more names I love. I’ll also start doing a few more Name type blogs I think I kind of enjoy them. If anyone is reading, please name your own 6 babies? LJxx


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cyclone Katrina
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 21:13:59

    Jackson Josef (you are going to tell me off for the spelling of Josef, but that is the way his name is spelt!)
    Seth James
    James Josef
    Jessie (for either boy or girl)
    Nevaeh (I know how much you love that one!)
    Elena Susan

    Ps. Please don’t name my niece Penelope Pitstop


  2. Rebecca
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 22:10:36

    My first girl was always going to be Chloe Elizabeth…. but I have gone off Elizabeth as a middle name (It’s my Nana’s name and we aren’t close…)

    Current names I heart:



  3. Melissa Mitchell
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 14:57:13

    Ok. So I’m a year or so late, but I’ve recently come back to EB and found your blog. I’m a name snob too.

    Do I get away with Alexander Jordan and Samuel Thomas? They are the boys I have now (Though truthfully? I wish I’d named Alexander Alexander Edward. Edward is my Dad’s middle name. It’s so much more a classic name than Jordan is, don’t you think?).

    My boys and girls were I to have 6? HARD. Mine change too.

    Amelia Anne
    (not just a family name, but Anne of Green Gables & Anne Elliot from Persusasion, my two favourite books)

    Juliet Abigail (Which would never be allowed to be shortened to ‘Jules’. Has worked with Alexander).

    Genevieve Lily (Only possibly nn is “Evie”. Otherwise it can stay Genevieve, with a really, really soft ‘g’).

    Benjamin Micah
    Liam Edward
    Luke James


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