Even I can’t keep up with the Boyfriend situation, and I’m freaking over talking about it. So, lets pretend its not happening.

Instead, I’ll blog a bit about my size, and how the sleeve stuff is going.

When I first started working at my current job, around 3 years ago, I had a uniform fitting. None of the shirts fit me properly. None. I ended up ordering a knitted vest, and some polos. The polos were too short and too tight, and the knitted vest (worn over a white collared top) made me sweat. I stuck with the vests for a few years, always sweaty, but looking more professional than just a white top. Then, one night unspeakable things happened to a white top/vest combo, and I had to make a dash to theatres for some scrubs, to see the shift through. I was hooked, and have been in scrubs for a good year or so now at work. Recently, my employer announced we were getting new uniforms, company wide. Crap, I thought, one of those awkward fittings that leaves me with that empty, ashamed feeling. So I put the fitting off for 6 months, and just had it done last week. While I was down there, I grabbed one of the old uniforms to try on, and lo and behold, it fitted. I’ve been wearing that for the last few weeks, and the result has been amazing. I think over the course of the last 3 night shifts I’ve done, I’ve had literally 20 people tell me how great I’m looking. Is it because I’m in ‘mainstream’ clothes? The top is a simple, green and white collared top, ever so unflattering. Yet people have been doing double takes all weekend. 3 staff members who I am so close to I consider them good friends, have actually not recognised me at first glance.

The scale refuses to move, which I’m sure is a universal magnetic conspiracy, so we’ll ignore that. But I’ve dropped a couple of sizes over the last month or so, and am now mostly in an 18. An 18? You can buy 18 clothes at mainstream shops, something I covered in my NSV post early on. I am getting lots of exercise – both deliberate (boxing in the park and running with the kids) and incidental (long walks on the beach and all that :P) so I assume its tone and muscle and all that jazz. I’m also healthier, I no longer sweat at work (unless its warm or I’m doing something strenuous) and can run and exert myself as my work requires. I can run around with the kids.

I have perfected the art of having good photos taken of myself. Its all about smiling, as though you WANT to have it taken. And you know what, I kind of do 🙂 There are cheekbones. Actual, real cheekbones. Who knew.

I enjoy the relative anonymity of this blog, but I feel like I need to add a couple of before and after photos here.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cyclone Katrina
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 22:00:10

    spunk bubble! x


  2. Bec
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 20:19:26

    You are looking so freaking awesome! So proud of you 🙂


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