A rose coloured comparison

Through Rose-coloured glasses:

  • Lives with his mum: sound financial decision while he sets up his future
  • Tall, can change light globes and smoke alarm batteries without standing on a stepladder.
  • Broad: Makes me feel nice and small
  • Pot smoker: Bad boy, bit exciting, will change for me because he loves me has fallen for me.
  • Unemployed, but this is good because it fits in with my weird schedule. Also, he’s doing some courses to increase his work prospects and income, dontyaknow?

In reality:

  • Lives with his mum. He’s 31 for heaven’s sake!!
  • Tall: actually that was good. He did change bulbs and batteries.
  • Broad: heart attack waiting to happen. Terrible match for my tiny double bed.
  • Pot smoker: deal breaker. Never going to change. Lying scumbag. Vague, bad memory, coping issues. Did I mention deal breaker? And liar?
  • Unemployed: half suspect this was less to do with the leg injury and more to do with the drugs. Maybe?

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