Since the conversation and the ‘break up’ because of the drugs, I’ve found myself hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, in terms of this being a long term relationship. Things weren’t quite adding up, he’d contradict himself, be vague and things – I was convinced that he was hiding things or not really genuine about giving up ‘smoking’ long term.


Its still early days, but its been a couple of weeks since he smoked. He’s less vague, his memory is better, he seems to fully connect. A turning point for me was a few days ago, he had a really crappy day at a course he is doing, and was in the same frame of mind and physical environment where he would normally have smoked. I honestly thought he’d give in, but he turned up at mine a couple of hours later having gone for a jog instead. Proud? Yep. But also flattered that he’s taking it that seriously. Even thought he isn’t doing it for me, its still something that means alot to me.


I also met his Mum last night. Won’t go into too much detail but she’s lovely, and thinks I’m sweetness and light. What? I am!


I have a good feeling about this 🙂 LJ xx


PS: Sick of doing gushy blogs. Can someone please suggest something I can blog about?


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