March Madness

Just got home from picking Lovechild up from Kindy, and went a bit postal on the little courtyard that is our backyard. Its officially Autumn now, so theoretically, its great weather to spend late afternoons in the backyard getting good and grubby and worn out before bathtime and bedtime. The backyard has been victim to my “out of sight out of mind” policy, and to be honest, so has the dog. So, here’s what I did this afternoon: put all the chairs next to the shed to get them out of the way, put all the dog toys in a bucket, picked up (and ditched) all the pieces of a disney princess bed canopy that has been being ‘stored’ in the garage for about a year now. (The garage makes up part of our backyard.) Swept up all the fluffy wadding that comes from inside the dozens of decapitated soft toys the dog loves. He has an incredible knack for making the tiniest hole in them (normally near the neck) and pulling all the wadding out. Clever little beast. Threw away all the stray bits of gardening stuff from previous failed projects. Swept all the sand/leaves/more fracking fluffy wadding into piles then scooped it into the wheelie bin. Trimmed back some tree branches that were getting out of hand. Watered the garden. Cleaned the dog’s water bucket. Broke my toe on the wheelie bin. Had a tantrum and came inside to the aircon. I promise to go finish the last of the sweeping, and putting the chairs back, later. I also need to despiderweb the kennel and wash the cushion (or perhaps splurge on a new one?) so Sambo the dog can have somewhere to chill.


I also have a huge old tv, and 2 table type things that need disposing of. Then once we have a lovely outdoor place to play, I can get working on improving the inside. Don’t get me wrong, its looking nice in here, we are quite happy, especially compared to where I was at 6 months ago. But there is too much clutter in here that bugs me. March Mad Month is going to be the month I give it a jolly good go. Possibly only because it happens to be the first of March as I write this 😛


Wow, this was a boring blog. I enjoyed it though, and none of you are bothering to comment anyways 😛


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cyclone Katrina
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 17:16:49

    Sounds like you will have a very happy landlord LJ. I hope Sambo & Lovechild enjoy their new play area. Maybe it is worth checking out when the next kerbside collection is?
    Great work!


  2. Selina
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 17:38:41

    Blah blah, no comments.
    I expect an update that you have gotten rid of that clutter. Pretend that you have to move home and get rid of everything you don’t need.
    Love ya


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