I have a lot of blogs on my Google Reader, some from people I know, others from friends of friends, some baby naming ones, and some from strangers. Yesterday, I was linked to the blog of a woman who has the saddest story I’ve ever heard. She recently lost her husband in the most horrific of circumstances. The. Most. Horrific.


I am posting the link here for two reasons. One, I would like you to all go to the auction that Lori’s friends are organizing for her, have a browse, and see if anything takes your fancy. Then share the link with your friends.


Secondly, I would like you all to read the post entitled Ugly. You’ll need some tissues, a strong cuppa, and some deep breaths to get through it, its just so overwhelming and confronting. But it highlights the need to be on the ball with mental health, both your own and that of your husbands, brothers and male friends. As someone who struggles with depression (I think most people do, to some extent) I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and so bloody over it that would do anything to have someone intervene. Thankfully, I’ve always had the self awareness to just get through it, survive the day and start over again. I’ve never been *that* deep that I couldn’t see a way out. And I’m well on my way to better now, with the help of medications at the time that I needed them, and my wonderful psychologist. I’m lucky, and feeling great – people ‘had my back.’


I’m rambling now, so I’ll add in the links and leave  you to read.



LJ xx


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  1. Selina
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 17:10:02

    Oh I’ve seen her blog before but didn’t realise that she had lost her husband. That is so sad. She writes so well though doesn’t she?


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