Dating #1

Righto, you impatient bunch, here it is.

I have been doing online dating. Have been one or two dud date, but  have also been on a couple of good ones that just weren’t right. I’ve finally happened upon a chappy, shall we call him George? who seems to be a quite nice young man. Now bear in mind, I’ll have to delete this if we fall madly in love and get married and have dozens of babies, but for now I’ll be frank and honest.

There are lots of things I like about George. He is big, huge in fact, 6 feet and 5 inches tall. I have to look up at him, which I love. He’s not thin either, he is robust. He’s reasonable looking, his front teeth are chipped and I think he is quite self conscious about it, from a few things he’s said. He comes from a family of boys, all tall and athletically talented. He has some young nephews and a younger half brother. Gawd, if we do get married and have dozens of babies, chances are they will all be boys!

Actually, I feel a bit silly, writing this down. I’ve actually only caught up with him a couple of times, and clearly that doesn’t mean we are going to get married and have bucketloads of kids. I’m getting ever so slightly swept up in the fun of it all, I think.

What I will ponder on is what the dating thing is doing for ME. It is an incredible feeling challenging myself on almost a daily basis. Last night, I was a bit disappointed with the way a date had ended so I got in touch and invited him over. How brave was that? There was a period of about a minute between me sending the message and him responding that felt. like. hours. I had this really dorky grin on my face for the time I was waiting, and then until getting home because I was so freaking proud of the leap of faith I’d taken. Even if he had said no (he said yes :P) I would have been proud. I can just think how disappointed I’d have felt going home, to bed, without taking that leap. It didn’t amount to anything physical, but that’s ok, I’ll get there. We sat and chatted and played with the wii (not a euphemism) for a couple of hours. We might have even grazed one another’s legs once or twice. I know, right??!

So, he’s coming over for dinner later in the week. Chicken curry, with the packet mix carefully hidden so I can impress him with my mad cooking skillz. There will be wine, I think we just need to loosen up to get over that hump (hehe) and we’ll see how we good. Again, even if nothing happens, I’ll have had a THIRD date and had a man over for dinner – isn’t that awesome? I’m proud. LJ xx

Oh, couple more things:

1. A major thank you to a couple of my friends for being so awesome. Kegs, Sel, Kk and Hef among others (see how subtly I disguised everyone’s names there? Stalker proof.) Thank you xx

2. What wine do I serve with curry???


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Selina
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 04:41:51

    Supposedly, a sparkling shiraz is the best thing to have with curry.
    You could always ask at the bottle shop! Wishing you luck and love as always!


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