Australia Day

Australia Day causes a conflict in my mind. I love being able to raise my family in this incredible country, knowing they are safe as we walk down the street, and to a more dramatic extent, my daughter will grow up with the ability to vote, be an equal, and be literally anything she wants to be. If she gets sick, she will have access to health care resources. She can access quality schooling. We also have awesome beaches, parks, an amazing lifestyle. We have excellent friends here, near and far. We really are bloody lucky to live here, and I love the concept of a day to all come together and celebrate that.


I have trouble reconciling that with what Australia Day actually commemorates. Jan 26th, 1788 marks the day the First Fleet arrived in Australia and NSW became a settlement. New. South. Wales. A new version of Wales, down in the southern hemisphere. Weird right? The First Fleet are generally acknowledged as the first occupants of Australia, despite the presence of thousands of Aboriginal people. It was genocide, completely and totally. I don’t see how we can celebrate our amazing nation on the very same day we commenced the slaughter of its native inhabitants?


My suggestion? Lets call Jan 26th Hottest 100 Countdown day, and celebrate Australia on a more appropriate date.


Right, now if you give me another hour, I’ll do the blog I know you’re all waiting for 😛 LJ xx


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