Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Ok, when did I last blog? Its been a while. Thanks Naz for reminding my the blog still exists by commenting this morning.

Ok, firstly, the weight loss. I broke the scales – yes, I survived 25 years of fatness without breaking a set of scales, only to smash them as I jumped off in delight at what they said once I started losing weight 😛 So last check, I’d lost about 23kgs, I think. Imagine my surprise when I jumped on a friend’s set to see that I was down nearly 29kgs. Holy hell. I’m nearly at the weight I was before I separated from XP and became pregnant. Still miles to go, but now I actually feel like I’ve lost LOTS of weight. At the weight I was before, I felt like I was completely out there on my own, that no other women I know, no ‘real’ women, were that big. Wow, there’s a breakthrough to tell my psych, I didn’t feel like a legitimate woman. Now, I’m really close to the weight that a few of my friends are, gorgeous women who I love and admire and who I don’t think of as ‘fat’ at all. While I still feel big and the amount of weight I’ve lost doesn’t seem real yet, its facts like that that keep me inspired.

Physically, I have loads more energy. I’m not sure if my depression easing or weight loss has been more of a factor in that, but I can, and DO, do things like take the dog for an impromptu walk, or take over friends’ lounge rooms/wii fits/zumba videos.  My work has benefited, as has my daughter, friends littlies and social life. I’m still lazy, old habits die hard, but I can’t achieve perfection in 3 months, right? 😛

Speaking of impromptu walks with the dog, I’d like you to meet Sammy, our new boy. After the sad and guilt inducing passing of George on Christmas eve last year 😦 I thought long and hard about getting another dog. But I believe a dog fits very well in our family, and it was love at first sight with Sambo. Irritation and frustration at second sight, but love at first sight, and that’s what counts. He has some serious rescue dog issues, and we are about to launch ourselves on the Obedience world (look out Southern River dog club), but I’m certain he is the most perfect little doggy for us, and we love his guts already. Now if only he would stop pooing on the tiles.

Sammy coming home from the shelter. He was so matted and grubby, poor lamb.

Naughty little man caught chewing the cushions. Hard to resist that face though!

He’s all legs. He keeps falling over himself and getting tangled in his lead.

Handsome Sammy after his major haircut.

Being ‘loved’ by Daisy at the farm. She cuddles him like this allll the time, he loves it. Nawwww.

Ok, I have an idea for another blog, but then I’m stumped. Anything you want to know about? L.J xx


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Selina
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 21:35:56

    I want to know what you are doing to lose this weight? Are you doing mushy foods still? So crushing on you right now. x


  2. Rebecca
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 23:38:20

    Woohoo – a blog entry!
    I want to know more about the surgery – the stuff in your head, how you have coped. Am starting to think about it…


  3. Mandy
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 05:38:08

    I just want photos. Thanks lol


  4. Naz
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 12:16:09

    I want all of the above hehehe 🙂


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