Blogs I Read.

I am a major blog lover. I love getting an insight into how other people think, write and feel. So, here are a few of my favourites.

Sheye Rosemeyer

Sheye lost her beautiful daughter Ava the Super Princess in very tragic circumstances a few years ago. The way she writes about Ava and the rest of her family is beautiful. She is also a photographer and creates the most lovely images.  Her youngest daughter Ivy is as hauntingly beautiful as Ava, as you’ll see from the tea-party, pink polka dot infused pages of the blog.

Rebecca D

Bec battles infertility with more grace that I would have thought possible. Her blog covers this and her everyday life, and I can’t wait till it gets to include baby names and first photos (taken by me, right?). She’s also super spunky, and loves the same tragic movies and books that I do. I just wish she’d update the bloody blog more often ❤


I met Alinta over three years ago as part of an online group. Our first-borns were born in the same month, and fate put us all in the same forum at the same time. She’s part of a group of women who I would be completely lost without. She’s also the reason I first picked up a camera, and my inspiration to take the thing out of automatic mode and get to know it.  Her blog is primarily about her photography business, and it is infused with snippets of her personality and beauty. I’m lucky enough to be having her do a shoot of myself and my family in a few weeks, and she’ll be on speed dial for when I marry/get pregnant/birth etc. Check out the 55th wedding anniversary shoot, its incredible.


Baby names are my ‘thing,’ I love planning and reading and, if I’m really honest, judging people for terrible name choices. This blog is well researched, quirky and not run of the mill, which funnily enough is how I like my baby names. Megan, please read. I’ll be quizzing you later.

Ok, bedtime here. The house is clean, washer and dryer finishing their last loads for the night. Prepaid post bags sitting by the front door waiting to be posted to people who have bought some of the clothes I’m selling off. Tiny Child is fast asleep in her pink and green bed, clutching Jessie the cowgirl, PinkiePie the pink pony, a frog with red hearts and Jellybean the baby doll – yes she does manage to hold them all, all night. Mother’s group in the morning, Dad over for tea (first time someone has been round for tea in years, so excited) and dinner with the girls the following night. Life really is bubbling along nicely.

PS: Notice I haven’t mentioned weight? That’s because the scales are broken, they must be, because I’m eating so little and exercising and the darned things wont go any lower. Twice weekly Pump classes and some exercise videos should make it start moving again. Right? LJ xx


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MM
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 01:53:51

    I’m not sure Alinta wants to immortalise you ‘getting’ pregnant. Not only is it likely to be sweaty and giggly, but it may also have bad lighting and chest hair.
    Give me those damn scales or I’ll break in, steal them and hide them at your mothers.


  2. Bec
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 23:30:09

    Yes, please dont share the getting pregnant photos. Im the only one allowed to show embryo shots around here 😛


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