Potatoes, of course

The scales put me at 15kg lighter than the day I went to my first surgeon’s appointment. I have trouble thinking of that as much, especially given the amount I want to lose. But then I thought of it in terms of potatoes, 15kgs of potatoes. That’s three 5kg bags of taties. Imagine attaching that to a jacket and wearing it around. No wonder I feel perkier! The other way I’ve been thinking of it, is that its roughly 1/4 of what I want to lose. Well, the minimum end of what I want to lose, at least.

In terms of what I’m eating, I was getting quite ahead of myself and trying to eat soft solids. Vomiting at least once a day on a fresh new stapled tummy is not a great idea! So I had an appointment with the dietician and she clarified things nicely, and I’m comfortable taking it very slowly now. I’ve gone back to purees and liquids, 1/4 cup at a time, 5 to 6 times a day. I’m also taking nexium, my usual antidepressants, a multivit and a protein powder, as well as benefibre. I usually have an up and go or half a weetbix for brekkie, then a combo of pureed slowcooker meals and things like cruskits (because they dissolve in my mouth.)

Last week I was at the movies and had a small serve of chicken and noodles. About three bites in, I felt the vomit rising and ran out of the cinema. I made it about as far as the bin then stood there, wondering if I could make it to the loo. Luckily, I did, had my spew, ditched the rest of the noodles and made it back in time for the start of the movie (Twilight!) After the vomit, I always feel just fine, and was getting into the habit of letting myself vomit if I felt yucky. Its so much better now that I am back on purees. In a week or so I might try moving up to mushies. I am so looking forward to the day I can eat normal foods, just in small amounts.

I went back to work this week, was meant to do 3 night shifts but have called in sick tonight with a cold. My first night back we had an unsuccesful 6am resusitation, and the next night was totally non-stop. I love love love my job but am a bit disillusioned with it at the moment. In fact, its only my awesome collegues that keep me coming in some days. For a long time I’ve been talking about doing my midwifery, its a 12 month course which I’ve previously started, but it involves working 4 days a week, which doesn’t really work for me with Little Miss at home. I crave studying so much, and just want to get started. I’d also like to try something like psychology, dietetics, occupational therapy, that kind of thing. Any suggestions?

I need to sleep, but let me post a lovely photo of a Clexane bruise I managed to get. Its from a single injection, the rest have all been tiny little dots. In fact, I might post a few photos 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MM
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 12:43:43

    On the prospect of weight comparing, I think you’ve lost your daughter. Perhaps you should pop her on your shoulders 16 hours a day…

    The dietician didn’t suggest a date to start mushy stuff?


  2. Selina
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 22:31:28



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