Miri and Esmerelda

I finally admitted defeat on the awfully messy house, and advertised for some pros to come and give it a go. Enter Miri and Esmerelda. I have been somehow convinced to hand over my keys, a few hundred dollars cash and to stay away for a week. I’m utterly convinced I’m going home to a completely empty house. On a serious note, these two women (mother and daughter) are going to clean my house gooooooood, and also give it a mini makeover. I can’t wait! A clean, organized house will make it so easy to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for the two of us. I drove past to have a quick look this morning, I didn’t go inside but peeked over the fence. I did have a bit of a cry at seeing the legs of George’s dog bed sticking out of the top of the skip đŸ˜¦

I really think that not having an inspiring, organized kitchen is a big part of why I am where I am now. Who wants to come home and cook in a messy kitchen?

I am about to start my second week of optifast, and this time NEXT WEEK I will be post op. Bloody hell. Notice how I skimmed over how the Opti is going? I’m doing ok with it, fast food is now a distant memory but I’m being far from perfect. I have my last night duty for a few weeks tonight and will start the full time Opti from Tuesday morning.

I’m nervous but have decided to go with the concept of learning and knowing everything I can about the surgery. I had a chat with an ICU nurse last night who has had 3 patients pass away post op. One was due to Dr error, another had major comorbidities, and the third was someone scarily similar to me except maybe 10 years older, who had a leak and passed away from sepsis. Still, the hospital I work at does lots and these procedures, so a total of 3 making it to ICU aren’t bad. Besides, if I don’t die this week I’ll die in ten years from a stroke or heart attack anyway. And with a pretty significant family history of cancer, I want to decrease my risks as much as possible. I watch people die of cancer for a living and it sucks.

Gawd, that took a depressing turn, didn’t it? I’m sitting in the waiting room of my Haematologist, then tomorrow I have my appt with the anaesthetist, then it’s all go. Little Lady will go to her Dad’s or Nanna’s on Sunday night, leaving my (jetlagged) Mummy to pour all her loving attention on me. Gotta be at the hospital at 6.30am on Monday morning and I’ll be freaking out, I don’t cope with nerves well. Valium, anyone? Then less than a week post op I’m going on a family holiday on an island. Once I get there I’ll be fine, but if I need awkwardly timed urgent medical care, I’ll have to get the air ambulance I guess. But I’m going with a paramedic, an ex nurse and a vet student, so I should be well covered in terms of early identification of a problem. Right?

Before I go I just want to say a huge congratulations to a very special friend on the arrival of her gorgeous smoodgy new girl Pepper. Hope you are feeling much better very soon xxx

Goodbye readers, I’ll try and make it less time between visits from now on. LJ xx


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  1. Selina
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 22:26:05

    Thank you LJ. I found your blog again tonight and am reading everything!


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