An awful, horrible woman.

Not really, she was annoyingly lovely. Saw the dietician on Wednesday, re pre and post op diets. She deals almost exclusively with people who are having weight loss surgery with Dr P, in fact her office is at his rooms.

Firstly, she asked if I would be happy to participate in a clinical trial that Dr P is running regarding the value of VLCD (very low calorie diet) aka optifast shakes, used before surgery to shrink the liver and stop it getting in the way of the stomach when they are operating. I agreed, I’m a firm believer in research, so she got the receptionist to randomly assign me to a group (optifast vs no optifast). Then proceeded with the rest of the appointment without telling me what group I was in!

She explained that immediately post op, I’ll be ‘nil by mouth’ until the next morningwhen they will make me drink this contrast stuff and do an xray to check for leaks. Then I’ll start on blue cordial or powerade, to check again for leaks. If none of the blue stuff appears in the drain, I’ll start on clear fluids, 30mls an hour. If that goes ok, I’ll move up till eventually I’m taking regular fluids. On day 4, I can move up to pureed foods, which is anything drinkable through a wide straw. *gag* I stay on this for about 3 weeks but most people are able to move gradually towards solids as they feel able. At this time I’ll also have to start taking a protein supplement, aiming to get 50% of my protein through a supplement. I keep taking this till I’m getting a good amount of protein from what I eat.

It’s also very important to drink at least 1.5 litres of water, at least eventually. It’s very easy to get dehydrated. The other biggie is that because I drink lots of coffee (mmm coffee) she wants me to detox now, before I start the optifast, because it’s going to be impossible to drink enough coffee to get much caffiene. I’ve just finished my second day caffeine and diet coke free, and feel fine, except that I’m sooo irritable and super sensitive. I’m hanging in there though, I’m sure it will get better soon (just be nice to me in the meanwhile)

Eventually I’ll be able to eat up to 250mls, by about 6 months. It’s then that the danger of stretching it starts, so things like not drinking within 30 minutes of eating are really important. It would be awful to work so hard then put it back on, or at least some of it.

I have my op on the Monday, then go to rottnest with my lovely family on the Friday. Lots of soup for me I guess, wonder if I can convince my mummy to make some of her world class pumpkin soup.

That all from me, I have another blog up my sleeve (hehe) so stay tuned for that in the next day or so. LJ xx


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