It’s 3am, I’m at work. It’s a quiet night so I thought I’d do a blog post. Please excuse spelling, grammar and my usual elequence because I’m on the iPhone and as I mentioned previously, it’s 3am! Terribly excited about surgeons appointment on Wednesday but that’s a different blog post alltogether. I thought I’d blah a little about my job.

I’m a Registered Nurse in a private hospital. The ward I work on is a mixture of oncology, geriatrics, respiratory and cardiac medicine. The clientele are mostly 60+, and it’s rare to get someone on the ward who is under 40. I work night shifts, twice a week, and am lucky enough to be able to (mostly) choose which nights I work. The team I work with are awesome, this is the job I got cos the boss felt sorry for me that no one else would hire me and it just goes to show that it all happens for a reason. I never thought I’d enjoy working in a general medical ward, but the positive environment here has allowed me to find my niche. I can really imagine working here long term, which is a first for me, I get bored easily!

My typical shift involves handover at 9pm, and then a ’round’ where i meet all my patients (8 to 10 usually) and give them any ten pm meds they might need and do any ‘obs’ they are due. I also write up their care plans for the following day. If I know the patients well I do the care plan while I’m doing my round, otherwise I’ll bring them back to the nurses desk and do them. The first round takes an hour or so, depending on how the patients are, how well I know them and what the previous shift has done in terms of settling the patient for the night.

After the first round I go back to the nurses desk and read through the patients’ files to see what the doctor, nurses and allied health team have written. As I do that I’m taking notes for my handover, I’m normally too braindead at 5am to remember what to say about each patient. We (theoretically) do hourly rounding, but again it depends on the acuity of the patient and how busy the night is. There are sometimes midnight meds and antibiotics to give and we are kept pretty busy answering bells. Sometime between 1 and 5 am I get an hours break, and usually sleep in an armchair in the chemotherapy room. Sometime during the night I write notes for each patient, normally a paragraph or so.

About 5.30 we start the morning work, obs meds and helping people get ready for the day if they want. The next shift starts handover at 7am, and by 7.20amish its normally over and we hand over any quick addits that have happened since we recorded our handovers, and then we get to go home to bed. Which is where I am as I finish this, so goodnight. LJ xx


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  1. Rebecca
    May 15, 2010 @ 13:53:06

    That’s very cool – I didn’t really know what you were doing in that big ole’ place! 🙂


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