Why Am I Here?

So why am I blogging? Well, besides the fact that people get sick of my talking in person, and my being addicted to a big fan of the internet as a communication tool, I am currently undergoing (or at least trying to!) a bit of a big ol’ life change. Google and I have become good friends over the last couple of years, but I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no other ‘me’ out there, and if there is, she isn’t blogging or spending much time on public forums. Hopefully next time someone googles for help, they’ll find me. Of course by then I’ll be skinny, married to the perfect man (who, incidentally, bears a stark resemblance to George Clooney) with a whole mess of kids and a lovely tidy house.

Which brings me to why I’m here. I’m a week out from my appointment with a surgeon who I’m hoping will agree to a Vertical Gastric Sleeve (VSG, or Sleeve) surgery. More on that later but I’d like to lose (deep breath…) 70kg to get to my goal weight. I’ll reassess closer to that weight but that’s a good, round (hehe) number. I feel really positive about this, pretty sure its the right decision for me. For my finances, not so much…

I’m also a chronic mess-liver-iner. My house is really really messy, and that’s all the describing I’ll do for now. Repeated attempts to overhaul/get on top of/fix have dismally failed. At last though I finally feel like I’m getting on the right path to getting on top of it. Veeeeeeery slow progress, but progress nonetheless. So I’d like to have a place to document that, perhaps even with a photo later down the track 🙂

I’ll probably cover each of those issues separately later on, its time for bed now. Tumble Totting with my best boys tomorrow 🙂



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